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The Benefits of Office 365

This article is all about Microsoft Office 365 and why more and more businesses are paying for it’s services/apps and why I think it’s beneficial. I’ll give examples on why, based on my experience using it and knowledge of it. I’m currently with The Apprentice Store where I’m doing work experience and getting a feel for some things in IT and all it has it offer. After being involved and observing the process of migrating a business to Office 365 I’m fully convinced and now hopefully I can make people reading this more convinced on the service.

The pricing for Office 365 varies depending on what you’re planning to use it for and meeting all the required needs.  You can buy Office 365 for home use with small number of users able to use it or simply just one person but I’ll be focusing on the packages applicable to businesses and enterprises for which you’ll see the pricing and availability on the official website linked here.

The apps that are available with each package many of its users will be familiar with for example Word, Outlook, PowerPoint etc but I’m going to focus on the services that are more exclusive to Office 365 also how and why they can improve a business, these services are Exchange, SharePoint Online, One Drive for Business, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, and Yammer. All the Apps and Services below come with the Business packages excluding Dynamics 365, Project Online, and Visio Online which aren’t shown on the page linked above, they are an additional cost on top of the original subscription. Some other apps/services displayed aren’t released yet and are in beta awaiting release.

At this point I’ll explain and give a slight insight of two services inside Office 365 and give my thoughts on them and what their potential is due to one being a slightly different clone of the other. Starting it of we have OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online, I’ll talk about these together because they very similar but not totally alike for example they are both live in the cloud and both can be used to send data or store it and can have the data stored accessed from wherever suits the user. The only significant differences all depend on how the business uses them. I would say OneDrive is better used for storage and one-off sharing but SharePoint Online on the other hand could be better utilised by focus groups and managing a project and its progress. OneDrive and SharePoint Online come with most of Office 365 Business packages so choosing between one or the other isn’t necessary they’re both good at doing sharing documents and it just comes down to what you or your businesses needs are and what’s best suited for current tasks.

Even with my limited understanding of Office 365 and it’s included packages I hope to have persuaded someone to consider it and have helped you see its capabilities because I know I was clueless as to what it had to offer but after five weeks of seeing it in use it’s now very apparent. Thank you for reading.

  • By Airan at The Apprentice Store.
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