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Airan’s blog – week 1

Day 1 College presentation 02/05/17

After meeting and talking to David and getting to know Matthew we were tasked with factory resetting a Cisco 1841 and a Cisco 1941 router a lot of it was discussing with David and we didn’t get a lot of time to try get into it especially because the program we used wasn’t working for either router. Eventually we had to stop and head to UHI college to watch 3 groups present their final year project which was a web application they had 12 weeks to work as a team and design, one of the groups project was to make an Apprentice Store website and thus why we were there. After we got back to the office we talked together about our experience at the college and how the groups performed and David mentioned he was filling in at the Stem Hub and would be doing a presentation about cyber security and wondered if we didn’t mind helping.

Day 2 – Presentation preparation 03/05/17

Matthew and I managed to get into the routers with a different program but found a warning from BT explaining the device is their property and that we can’t get access without a password, both routers displayed the same message so we moved on to preparing for the presentation and seeing if we have any knowledge of what we would be showing at the Stem Hub, we basically went through some of the websites we would be using to demonstrate how easy it can be to protect yourself online which was fairly straight forward.

Day 3 – Stem Hub Presentation 04/05/17

We arrived at the Stem Hub at 9am to get all set up in time for the groups, it was really cool seeing the Stem Hub for the first time not knowing it was there before coming to The Apprentice Store. The first group was the largest of the three which was intimidating for Matthew and I not being too confident in our knowledge or interacting with strangers but we gradually got more and more involved and even presented one of the games which needed some guidance to them understanding what’s happening if they’re not fully clear what is happening and give a better explanation of the questions and what some of the solutions mean and their potential affect. When we got back to the office David asked us about our experience and thoughts on the day which were all positive especially about the pizza for lunch at the UHI Café.

Day 4 – Development 05/05/17

On Friday Matthew and I started learning about development and entered data into tables on Access and listened to David explain and teach us about data normalisation then we had the rest of the day working out how to use access/excel.

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