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Alex’s blog – My first week

Hello! My name is Alex and I have officially finished my work with The Shirlie Project and thanks to them I have now started my apprenticeship at The Apprentice Store. I would like to go over some of the details of my first proper week of employed work, so stick with me as I cover the start of my journey.

I had already spent a while at The Apprentice Store on work experience, so it wasn’t like jumping into a brand new environment but there was a little bit of adjustment needed. First of all David and I went through a few of the rules of work which are not really pressured onto you while on work experience. Most of the things were just common sense, such as confidentiality, attitude and the way you present yourself.

During most of the first week I was just trying to improve on a couple of skills that I had learned through my work experience. For the first couple of days I was using a training site called UDEMY which has hundreds of video courses, some of them do have a price tag but there are still plenty of free courses teaching you about basically anything you could hope for. I decided that I wanted to better understand simple website design, that then led me onto theme development which plays a huge part is WordPress websites.

Before I knew it I had found a feature (also known as a plug-in) which could really help me with the structure of the websites I was making. This plug-in basically gives you the ability to add some amazing design and structure into your website, without needing to be an expert coder.

At the end of the week I decided that I need to do some hands-on work so I managed to find another site called Codecademy, which just like UDEMY it has many courses, some for free and others come at a price but the difference between them was that instead of just watching videos with the occasional quiz, Codecademy actually gives you examples and challenges which you need to overcome before you can move onto the next section. So I spent some time going through the courses relating to CSS and HTML5, two of the most important languages in web design, as well as a fair bit of time spent on responsive design which controls how websites look on a computer compared to your mobile phone.

All in all it has been a good week and I’m looking forward to the obstacles of next week.

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