If you become an apprentice with The Apprentice Store you’ll be employed by us for two years. You’ll be following a unique development programme during your time with us achieving not only recognised SQA qualifications but also expert guidance and support giving you chance to grow in confidence and develop your skills. Consider it a head start to a brilliant career.

You’ll be working alongside a mentor, an expert in your field, who will offer you valuable guidance and insight. You’ll develop those skills working for our clients and The Apprentice Store.

Your mentor will nurture your development, ensuring you’re always prepared, confident and ready to face your day head on. They’ll help you set and achieve goals in the second year of your programme, tailoring your development to what’s important to you.

You’ll be fully recognised for what you do by The Apprentice Store with a good wage increasing when agreed milestones are achieved. You’ll also have great opportunities to gain industry specific qualifications in addition to SVQs. All you need to do is work hard and want to achieve!

The Apprentice Store, your mentor and local business will help you grow and develop on both a professional and personal level, ensuring your skills and abilities flourish.

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