Tech Support Vacancy

Helping Your Business

If you’re a small business in the Highlands of Scotland we know that you’ll probably have lots of tasks on your list and demands on your time in many different areas. We also know that you’ll want your business to succeed in achieving its goals, most probably on a limited budget.

You could have so many tasks on your list at one time that sometimes it’s difficult to juggle them all at once without missing any. Maybe it’s book-keeping, administration, updating your social media or making sure your computer systems are working as they should be, not to mention making them secure…

… and, once you’ve ticked those jobs off the list, you can then actually start doing your job.

You’re probably great at multi-tasking but we understand that you might prefer to concentrate more on your customers and growing your business than juggling many of the tasks that make your business run smoothly day-to-day, after all that’s why you run a business isn’t it?

That’s where The Apprentice Store comes in.

At the Apprentice Store, we understand your pain. We understand the demands on your time and your limited budget.

We have listened to the needs of small businesses and come up with a solution in a range of products and services that are delivered by our Shared Apprentice programme.

We can help you get your time back, let us know what skills you need by completing our registration form.