Making a Difference

Your IT is core to the smooth running of your business, where would you be without it? Have you really thought about that? Where would you be without your smoothly running email, financial and office software, customers’ data, orders and other IT services that you rely on every day to make your business successful?

The maintenance and monitoring of IT services takes time and expertise. You may have the expertise but do you have the time? Maybe you already have “an IT guy” who takes care of everything for you. Of course, its not just the computers, its the Social Media Management, taking care of your website and of course, cyber security. That’s alot of things on top of the day-to-day running of your business!

During your hours of juggling all those other essential tasks to keep your business running smoothly, the needs of your IT systems may be put to the side, or you may think that your current arrangements seem to be working OK so let’s maintain the Status Quo. Is that really what’s best for your business?

When did you last review what you were getting for your money? Is it now time for a review and to see what alternatives there are for your business

At The Apprentice Store, we employ our apprentices full-time. Each follows a different learning stream and has a dedicated mentor who is an expert in their field, so its not just the apprentice you’re getting – it’s the expert too! Currently we have apprentices who are training in the following areas:

  • Network Management and Cloud Support
  • Cyber Security and Resilience Planning
  • Social Media Management
  • Web Development

At The Apprentice Store, you buy an apprentice’s time by the day, in other words, buy a share in the apprentice’s time.

You can choose which apprentice you would like to share depending on what IT skills your business needs. So, thankfully, you don’t need to look for an apprentice who can run your social media, fix your computers, ensure you are doing all you can to prevent cyber criminals breaching your computer defences. You can now have access to different apprentices taking care of all those different jobs for you on a flexible basis that suits your business.

… and the best part is that you don’t have to be an expert in any of these areas in order to show them what to do, their mentor takes care of that, all you need to do is provide the work experience.

Supervised and Mentored Apprentice

Our apprentices are not expected to take care of your business alone, after all they are just learning their profession. They are guided and supervised through your business’s task list, gaining experience all the time, by our team of training and mentoring partners. Our mentors  are highly respected individuals in their own fields of expertise and are keen to help us grow the next generation of professionals in their sector.

Our mentors help our apprentices work through our development programme, by helping them develop their skills and knowledge while helping their confidence grow in their abilities and themselves. Our apprentices will complete the formal Scottish Vocational Qualifications included in their chosen industry stream. Gaining experience all the time in both your business and ours.

A Small Commitment

To take advantage of this fantastic pool of shared apprentices, simply commit to booking just one apprentice day’s work per month over twelve months in one of our available industry streams. This day can be split into a few hours per week depending on what your business needs are.

Once you’ve signed up, you can schedule time with any of our available apprentices who are following different development programmes at a very competitive daily rate. This way your business can access a variety of different areas of expertise in a very affordable way.

For example if you wanted to improve your social media presence? Start off with one of our digital marketing apprentices. This will then give you the opportunity to access a technical support or perhaps a cyber security apprentice for however many extra days you may need. In return, our apprentices will work closely with their trainers and mentors to carefully prepare for the tasks that you have in mind for their time working with your business.

By making this small monthly commitment, we can ensure you get access to the vital resources your business needs in a way that suits you. Perhaps now you can stop juggling and start concentrating on growing your business!

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