James Hendry

James has a background in CNC Machining in the oil and gas sector and is now starting a career in tech as a Web Developer.

James enjoys getting regular exercise with his partner jogging, although she is more into running.

Laura Kirk

Laura is a Digital Marketing Apprentice here at The Apprentice Store.

Laura enjoys most arts and crafts, beach combing and tea drinking. Though she doesn’t recommend drinking paint water – even if it looks like tea!

Donald Buchanan

Donald is one of our Young People and provides critical admin and finance support to the organisation.

Back home on the Isle of Lewis, Donald could be found playing computer games but is looking forward to being at the cinema more often!

Dave Cawthorn

Dave is one of our Mentors, specialising in Microsoft Office 365 and Power Platforms.

Dave when not in front of a computer can be found on or near a rugby pitch or teaching children safe cycling.

Ryan Mckenna

Ryan specialises in WordPress Web Development and is an Apprentice at The Apprentice Store.

Ryan has background in computing, loves reading and everyone thinks his dad is a mentalist magician.

Michael Hendry

Michael is one of our Apprentices here at The Apprentice Store, and specialises in WordPress Web Development.

Michael can be found playing bass or drawing up cartoons on his tablet.

Declan Ramsey

Declan is our Operations Manager here at The Apprentice Store.

Declan finds himself helping the team, speaking with clients, and ensuring things get done.

He once had a successful school and club rugby career before a wrist injury sadly brought that to an end.

He now has a passion for cars and things that go fast. On sunny days he can be found out on his Downhill Mountain bike, the rainy ones are reserved for Online Gaming.

Flynn Liepins

Flynn is one of our Specialists here at The Apprentice Store, and specialises in IT Support.

Flynn has a passion for Ice Hockey and when he gets spare time enjoys Watching tech reviews.

Vicky Cryle

Vicky specialises in Cyber Security, and joined The Apprentice Store after completing a degree in Ethical Hacking.

Nicole Macdonald

Nicole is one of our Apprentices here at The Apprentice Store, and specialises in Cyber Security.

Nicole loves swimming and reading. Presumably not at the same time!

Matthew Dickinson

Matthew was our first Apprentice here at The Apprentice Store, and specialises in Cloud and Application Support.

Matthew likes Powershell.

David Massey

David specialises in IT Consultancy and Cyber Security (amongst many, many other things!) and is the Managing Director of The Apprentice Store.

Surprisingly, David does not like computers, but loves what you can do with them.

He also doesn’t like technology being used badly.

However, he does like squash, so much so that he has ended up playing squash for Scotland.