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Office 365, Cyber Essentials, Modern Apprenticeship work and even some ethical hacking.  It’s been a busy week. I’ll start with Office 365.

As expected some small problems did arise after the migration, for example, some emails were getting let through our client’s spam filter. The Apprentice Store currently aims to not only support but to educate people so our solution to this was to create user guides so that’s what I did. I also made a user guide covering how to use the Excel spreadsheets I mentioned in the last blog post. I do think they help me a lot, you have to know a subject well to teach it. Later on, I did a bit of Windows PowerShell, I seem to be using it more and more so I plan to invest some time learning it in the future.

Cyber EssentialsI’d say most of our week was oriented around Cyber Essentials. Me, Airan and David went down to Elgin to meet with our client but we also had someone else with us, Vicky, she’s finished her 3rd year of university where she studies ethical hacking and is going to be joining us for some work experience during the Summer. We all had our separate roles in the meeting, Vicky was trying to figure out how she could get into their network, Airan had prepared some questions and I was linking his and David’s questions back to the Cyber Essentials Questionnaire. We got some KFC, (thank you David for paying) and headed back to the office.

The next day, Vicky taught me about footprinting, which is basically gathering as much information as you can about someone’s network. I was surprised by the amount of information we could find with barely any effort. I think having a variety of people here is great. We can all learn something from each other, it doesn’t even have to be limited to IT.

Coming to the end of the week, my training provider (QA) assessor came in for a meeting. I was glad to find out that the work I had done ticked multiple boxes of SQA criteria meaning that I don’t have to do much work specifically for it, I just have to gather evidence. I also placed a booking for the training courses that I mentioned in an earlier blog post. I didn’t think I’d get to do something like this so soon. I’m excited.

There was a lot of variety this week, which I really enjoy. It means more exposure and therefore more learning. Hopefully next week will be just as good, if not better.


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