How critical are your IT systems to your business?

A risk that businesses of all sizes face today, regardless of their location, is the threat of a cyber security attack. Criminals recognise that they are able to target computer systems around the world at the press of a button and have identified how they can financially benefit from cybercrime. Small and micro businesses may not feel that they are a target for these criminals as their data is of no value, however, we recognise that whilst they may not be directly targeted, small and micro businesses can and do suffer the effects of cybercrime either directly or indirectly. The criminals potentially do not see any value in the data within a small business, but they know that the data is of value to the business. The criminals make the assumption that small businesses do not manage their computer systems as they don’t have the resources to do so and, as a result, can compromise their IT systems with less effort.

Protect your business with Cyber Essentials

Has your business reviewed how it can respond to an incident that denies you access to your IT systems? This incident does not need to be a cyber security attack, hardware failure and data corruption could impact your business operations in exactly the same way. Have you reviewed the risks that your business faces with its computer systems in respect to key members of staff, critical systems or suppliers? Can you recover your business systems with acceptable levels of data loss and in an acceptable timeframe?

The Apprentice Store is recognised by Police Scotland as Approved Practioners and are listed, along with other independent IT companies and consultants working in Scotland who are trained in relevant disciplines. We have been externally assessed and accredited to deliver advice, guidance and consultancy in Cyber Essentials and help organisations and businesses implement the requirements of the Cyber Essentials standard. Cyber Essentials implements five technical controls to help harden computer systems against cyber-attack:

Cyber Essentials Controls

The scheme has an annual renewal process, verifying that accredited businesses meet the security controls to protect them against 80% of the least sophisticated attacks that they face. The badge is awarded at Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials Plus standard levels by having computer systems externally assessed against the standard.

By working with The Apprentice Store, you can be assured that our team will give you guidance and support to implement appropriate controls to become more cyber resilient. We have completed over 150 Cyber Essentials assessments, certifications and renewals and have helped even more businesses address their cyber security issues without achieving Cyber Essentials. We offer a managed Cyber Essentials service that allows our clients to receive a caring service that monitors the Cyber Security against the Cyber Essentials scheme throughout the year.

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