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free microsoft 365 License review

Microsoft 365 applications like Teams, Exchange Online and SharePoint have become indispensable in any modern business as they are at the core of modern collaborative workplaces. There are a wider number of different licensing agreements under which licences can be used. We find that many businesses are over provisioned or purchasing licenses that they do not utilise as they do not know what they offer.

The Microsoft 365 applications change frequently and can be difficult to understand licensing plans, overtime you can end up with the wrong licensing plans, quantities or locked into a contract that you can’t change. We have seen charities paying for commercial software, small business purchasing licenses that they do not fully utilise but also licensing applications not being used from Microsoft when other products have been subscribed to.

Over time it can become harder to track changes in packages, feature and licensing changes. Licence management of Microsoft 365 is often overlooked which we have seen results in overspend for many organisations, even in smaller organisations.

Request your FREE Microsoft 365 Licensing utilisation and cost report

We include the following in Microsoft 365 Licensing Review

  • License allocation
  • License utilisation
  • Renewal dates
  • Potential savings

Our report will provide you with information that you need to make informed decisions on your Microsoft 365 licensing. This report is focused on Microsoft 365 and excludes Azure Plan subscription and consumption.