Caring IT Support Service

We recognise the value that IT systems offer a modern business along with the challenges that they face in getting a return on that investment. We focus on supporting small and micro business networks as they typically do not operate with dedicated internal IT staff. Whilst many may seek to employ a young person for their support, their need is not full time and so they choose to contract with a specialist IT support person or company. Where the support for the business is offered by an individual person, there is no resilience in that service as they can only support one client at a time. We have designed our IT Support Service to allow small and micro businesses to be able access a team of people who will be able to offer a reliable support service as we care about our clients’ IT.

We choose not to sell hardware and software; instead we offer advice to our clients on what solution they should purchase and why. Where we do resell 3rd-party services or software, we typically do so at a reduced rate compared to other suppliers. Clients who choose The Apprentice Store for the delivery of their IT Support know that not only are they saving money but that the profit is also having a positive social impact.

Businesses of all sizes are looking to reduce their IT costs, and cloud services are a natural choice for many. However, we recognise that some organisations can still benefit from traditional IT services. We design and propose solutions for our clients that meet their requirements. This allows our young people to develop their research, technical, and communication skills whilst ensuring that our clients get the right solution for them.

In Partnership with Microsoft

We are a Microsoft Partner and have specialised in the cloud-based Microsoft Office 365 service to support our clients in realising real business benefits from the Microsoft Cloud. As we care about our clients’ IT, we help our clients realise real business benefits from the Microsoft Cloud. We do not simply sell Microsoft Office 365 to our clients, we use this as an opportunity to understand our clients’ business and for them to understand how this technology can improve their business. Our whole team works together to help our clients rather than working with them working in isolation. This allows the team to learn from each other and brings the intelligence of multiple minds to the tasks that we are asked to look at.

Our team of young people work with experienced mentors who support their workload by being part of that team. The mentors ensure that the team delivers an effective, responsive, and caring IT support service to our clients. We assign a young person as a named account manager to every client to act as their point of contact within the team. We not only look to develop our team’s technical skills, we also develop their soft skills to allow them to deliver an effective service to all our clients.

Our IT Support services can be accessed in a number of different ways:

Ad hoc and responsive support at competitive hourly and daily rate;

Pre-purchased responsive support hours that do not expire;

Fixed-price project delivery;

Business-grade IT Managed Service to clients who want this level of service, allowing for unlimited support and preferential project rates.

All our IT Support services are managed through our dedicated helpdesk system and we provide access to this for every client. We also create the opportunity for all clients to receive updates on our service delivery and to provide feedback on how we are performing as we care about improving our services.