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Kurt and Karolina’s work experience

We are sad to say that Kurt and Karolina’s work experience has come to an end for this year. Kurt will be joining us next year to continue his experience with us and Karolina will be back to focusing on school.

Here are their thoughts on their experience at The Apprentice Store…

Work experience is a very good idea for people our age. Work experience makes you realise what the job is like. You gain new skills and knowledge about the industry/ sector which will make you more likely to get a job, employers look for people with the skill and experience so it’s best to start early. Even if you don’t end up in the given sector you are likely to gain transferable skills. Work experience increases your self-esteem and develops workplace skills such as teamwork. It’s a good idea to start something new, with work experience you can achieve that. Work experience offers you the opportunity to experience what it’s like to go through the process of getting a real job; sending CVs signing paperwork and experiencing an interview. In work experience you do much more practical work, applying what you learn to real-life situations. It can be nerve wracking to apply for work experience, but you will soon realise that it’s understandable, everyone gets nervous and the employers understand it. Although you may be nervous you should also be excited to try something new that you have wanted to do for a while but haven’t had the opportunity with work experience you can. work experience allows you to meet people with similar interests to you because you are working in the same environment.

Thanks to The Apprentice Store, you can experience a wide range of different work experience opportunities, from web design to Tech support. When we first arrived at work experience the apprentice store put us first giving is the chance to focus more freely on what we wanted to do. If you chose to do work experience in the IT sector you get to develop what you already knew about computers.

Nicole Macdonald
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