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Matthew’s Blog – 3 month milestone

I have gone past my 3 months at the Apprentice Store and it’d been great so far but the workload was about to increase. Number 1 on the list was daily server checks for a client while they were on holiday, I really was clueless about this but looking forward to learning.

Thankfully I wasn’t thrown in the deep end and David spend time with me showing me the ins and outs of everything I needed to do. The process was to check Windows Event Logs which for those who don’t know log information outputted by the operating system and applications, including errors, this is what I was looking for. In addition to that, I had to check some specific pieces of software the client was running such as the anti-virus. Of course this was no use unless documented so this was put into a Excel spreadsheet and sent to the client daily.

I got my head around the application side of things quite easy but I have to admit, initially I struggled with the event logs. Seeing a screen full of Warnings and Errors and not having any real understanding of what they mean was daunting. With David’s assistance however, slowly but surely, day by day I started to improve. I could see recurring patterns in the logs and identify which errors were of concern and those which weren’t.

All of my time this week wasn’t dedicated to the above, the second entry on the list was a quotation for a potential client. I really had no idea what this looked like or even what to write! My first attempt wasn’t so great so I wrote up a second draft and I was quite happy. I knew there was room for improvement but I didn’t know where. Before sending this to the client, David had a look at it and made the necessary edits, little did I know the document I wrote was a proposal and a quotation required further additions.

Although I had the same job daily with the server checks I didn’t find it boring at all as it was all new to me and I could see my gradual improvement. This was only taking up the first part of the day anyway and the rest of my day was filled with a good variety of tasks. All in all it was another good week at The Apprentice Store, although the workload is increasing the satisfaction of doing the work does too.

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