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Matthew’s Blog – Back to Glasgow!

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This week was the start of the “Windows 7 Configuring and Installing and Configuring Windows 10” course. Everything was very similar to before, I was going to the same building, the same hotel and getting there the same way so I found myself looking forward to it and my nerves were kept at bay.

The first day of the course was the introductions, how the teaching was going to be laid out, what we were going to cover everything you would expect. We got given access to two official Microsoft books one on 7 and one on 10 respectively, these were online and weren’t physical copies but that didn’t bother me too much.

The rest of the days followed the same layout of presentation slides in the morning, lunch and then either more presentation slides, unit work or labs. There was a lot of information covered, I mean a lot. I don’t think all of its gone in but I have taken plenty notes and I’ve learnt through my time at the Apprentice Store so far that simply having an awareness of technology can be of great benefit. At high level we went over configuring disk drives, devices and printers, connection to networks and of course the installation of the operating system itself. The instructor was also good at providing extra information on top of what we had seen on the slides and I think this will be the most useful as it they were often speaking from or demonstrating how you can apply the information to real life scenarios.

Through the course we were also given information about sitting the Microsoft Exam that’s related to all of this. We were given pointers to which topics were included, those which weren’t and the key aspects to focus on. I also found out that there is a series of tests that I can complete and if I get above 90% on all of them then I can get a voucher code which I can use to the exam for free!

On the Friday I was glad to be headed back home, it had been good but it had also been a mentally tiring first week although I do feel like I’m getting better at interpreting the large amounts of information I’m presented with. This is a two week course so I’ll be coming straight back on the Sunday, refreshed and looking forward to finishing the course in its entirety.

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