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After much research, talking to others in the IT industry and discussion The Apprentice Store has decided on Webroot as the anti-virus we will be offering. This week was exciting for me, I got to see it in action.

The computer I mentioned in last week’s blog post was going to be picked up on Tuesday and I had little on my checklist to complete. I did however need to install the anti-virus and here is where I saw some of the real benefits of Webroot. Webroot allows you to deploy their software with a license key already bound to it. All the user has to do is run the setup in a link you send them, which they even provide an email template for! I clicked this on behalf of our client and was slightly confused. As far as I could tell nothing had happened. It wasn’t until I spotted the icon in the system tray that I realised that it worked, it’s so lightweight and fast I never even noticed it. As it expected, it appeared in the management console and I was greeted with many, many options. It’s intuitive enough for me to complete the actions I need to but I want to know this inside and out. I plan to start their formal training next week!

To finish the week, I attended the Continuous Improvement Group with David. The topic here was all around the transition from school to the workplace particularly in young people. Coming out of school I went on a Employability Fund that was offered by the Shirlie Project. This is a great charity and I wouldn’t have my job without them so if you are or know someone struggling to get into the world of employment I highly recommend that you pay them visit. I was invited by them to do a short talk on the transition of mine. I was nervous but managed to hold it back and think it went well overall. After my talk we played a video by Alex Clunas which can be found on our social media pages, it summarises the offerings from the Shirlie Project and The Apprentice Store and what they can do for you brilliantly and is definitely worth a watch. Aside from that, I found it really interesting. We had talks from the Highland Hospice, DYW, Investors in People and the Highland Council. I was familiar with the topics discussed and it was insightful to get opinions from such a diverse group of people.

I really enjoyed this week, the meeting on Friday made me realise just how glad I am to be a part of a business which can really make an improvement on people’s lives.

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