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Matthew’s Blog – Clear the desk

There was one more week to go until I went away on another training course, this time around it was all about “Windows 7 Configuring & Installing and Configuring Windows 10” it was again in Glasgow so I was nowhere near as apprehensive as before, I was simply just looking forward to going. I’m sure you’ll hear all about that in next week’s blog post though so I’ll talk about the activities this week.

It was originally last on the list but after thinking about it I moved it straight to the top, a business proposal on cloud managed anti-virus software, due for the end of the month. Why was this promoted? The course! It would take up 2 weeks of my time so I had to get as much as possible done this week.

I can actually tell you who the proposal is for this time, it’s us! We’re looking to become a Managed Service Provider (MSP) of anti-virus software, although the choice is based on many factors other than this report it’s still a good experience for me to write this. A trial run before I can get into doing the actual thing. The work involved here was more than I thought, turns out that researching a topic you know next to nothing about is difficult. I also had to place a lot of phone calls, the information for MSPs couldn’t just be found on their website so I was talking with a few different vendors and distributors to get what I needed. The other aspect I was learning about was finances which I didn’t expect but with further thought, it makes sense. I had to understand how the model of providing anti-virus works, from vendor to distributor to an MSP like us and where the money is made.

Before I end this blog, I want to take the opportunity to welcome Alex to The Apprentice Store he’s on work experience with us for a few weeks interested in the world of web development. I hope you enjoy your time here Alex and wish you all the best in developing a career in IT. As Alex comes in, Vicky will be leaving to go and study her fourth year of ethical hacking. While I may not have been able to contribute very much on the learning side of things, you definitely taught me a lot so I would like to say thank you and hope that everything continues going well at University.

This week was interesting for me, I’m really starting to see The Apprentice Store grow and develop, with more people wanting work experience and us delving into other areas such as the anti-virus. It gives me a whole realm of new things to learn and I’m looking forward to seeing everything I have read about in action.

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