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The second week of the Windows course is here, not much had changed but since I mainly talked about the course contents in the last blog post I thought I would talk about the areas outside of that a little more.

When it comes to other people on the course, there was about six of us on this one. The earlier Cyber Security course had about the same amount. There was a clear difference between how we interacted though. In the cyber course people generally kept themselves to themselves and there wasn’t much talking between one another. The instructor on this course had us create a group chat through WhatsApp. There was an air of reluctance about this but I think by the end of this week we could all agree that it was a pretty good idea. . It allowed us to ask questions about any revision or work we had to do in the evenings which was mainly focussed around the completion of units. I’ve heard the diploma we’re doing being described as the one size that fits all… that doesn’t really fit all. Having a group of IT apprentices coming from varying background does really help with the unit work.

This also contributed to us all getting to know each other better, at the start of the week we weren’t the most social bunch but as every day went by we started to talk more and more. This was great for a number of reasons, there was a lot of stories of IT problems and how they were fixed which is always good to know, I got a better idea of how others layout their apprenticeship work and even advice on topics outside of work like learning to drive. They also have a good local knowledge and recommended me a lot of good places to eat.

Initially, it is a strange experience staying away alone but like how we all got to know each other as time went on, you get used to it, you start to know the area more and you do enjoy it or at least that was the case for me. As for things to do, I usually found myself going around the wealth of shops Glasgow has to offer compared to Inverness. Of course there is the option of staying in the hotel and doing course work but you do have to take a timeout from that occasionally and get some fresh air. I’m bad for not doing this even outside of the course and would just keep going until I’ve completed my task. I realise now that taking this timeout typically produces better work more efficiently.

I learnt many lessons in the course, both things that you would expect like knowledge about Windows and producing work for my apprenticeship but also some in personal development, improving my social skills and gaining confidence about travelling alone.

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