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Matthew’s Blog – On the Road Again – A Trip to Orkney

It was a bit of an unusual start to this week, it definitely felt like it at least as I was getting up at 5am! The reason for this was a trip to Orkney to attend a business meeting with David. I’d never been to Orkney before and hadn’t been on a ferry in years so the 5am start didn’t really bother me all too much, I was looking forward to it.

Due to the amount of travelling on this day it was a good chance to talk about my job performance and generally all things Apprentice Store. Although my weaknesses were pointed out I’m glad they were as I know what I need to improve on and although there was a lot of deadtime in this day, I think the discussions we had were important for my development. It’s good to take an occasional break from the typical office environment, I found that it’s benefited me more than I thought. Aside from that, I also got lunch, ice cream and even got to explore Stromness a bit so I really have nothing to complain about, it was a great day. I also got to hear a bit more about the project going on up there which I found really interesting as I could slot in all the little things I had briefly heard for the past while.

Later in the week we had a student come in with prospects to leave school early and pursue a career in IT. They had come from a similar background to mine so it was kind of strange almost seeing a past version of myself. I felt like I offered some good advice, David and the mentor the student was with contributed too. I think even I was learning from some of the things they had said.

I wrapped up this week by doing preparation work for a presentation I’ll be doing for one of our clients in a couple weeks. It all seems kind of distant right now so the nerves aren’t here yet, I am however looking forward to putting faces to the names I have talked to for the past few months.

Although some may consider the start to this week to not be proper work I think it’s important to take time to talk and reflect on your past performance. You can keep doing things as you are now but there could be a mistake in the way you work, taking a while to resolve that can provide greater benefits.

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