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The bulk of the work for my second Office 365 migration had now been completed with just a few finishing touches needing to be made. My focus shifted over to preparing for a workshop at the UHI for a group of RAF cadets.

David showed Vicky and I a website which had cyber security challenges and quizzes. The plan was to base the workshop around this. I found these really tricky, even some of the easy ones! I had a lot of questions but once these were answered and I’d tried the challenges a couple times I felt I was ready for the workshop.

The plan was as follows: two groups, one in the STEM hub programming robots and one upstairs with us doing the challenges. Each group would be separated into pairs and would compete in the challenges to see who could get the best quiz score for a prize at the end of the day. The staff at the UHI had very kindly created logins for all of the cadets to use and tested them twice beforehand but on the morning of the workshop disaster struck. We could only login to a few of them and I wasn’t the only one struggling with these challenges. Thankfully we had done workshops before and knew some material that would work and that they would hopefully enjoy.  We used an interactive video, putting the player in the shoes of an IT manager trying to keep his business secure which tided us over until a short break where we discussed what to do.

The new plan was to use games but with a time limit and use the already drawn up leader board to keep track of each pair’s score. I think this worked well, a bit of time pressure was good and if an interest in Cyber Security wasn’t driving them, then the cadets’ competitive spirit was. The rest of the day went well, prizes were given and there were some left over. You can’t really complain about free chocolate.

I really enjoy doing the workshops at the UHI, it’s a great chance to meet new people and develop my soft skills. I hope the RAF cadets enjoyed their time and I want to thank UHI for having us again. I’ve also left a list of resources that we used on the day at the bottom of this page for anyone interested.



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