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Matthew’s Blog – Meeting the Clients

The main event for this week was a session on Office 365 for the client that we most recently did an Office 365 migration for. I was quite heavily involved with this migration so I was looking forward to meeting all the people I had spoken with on the phone for the last couple months.

Office 365This client was based down in Edinburgh and we were heading down on the Wednesday morning, I had some time in the week before my course to prepare but David had also given me Monday and Tuesday as well. About half way through Monday, I thought I wouldn’t need to do any more. I felt I had gathered all the information they needed to know and could present it. Thankfully after a chat I decided this wasn’t the case. I needed to research more than they would need to know, it was almost guaranteed that they would ask questions and I wanted to be able to answer them there and then. It also meant I could tell them about features I assumed weren’t applicable to them initially but on the day, I could find out that they actually are.

The layout of the day was to start with a presentation giving them an overview of Office 365 as a whole. For this I used a heavily updated version of a presentation I made all the way back in May, I talked about it in the blog titled “Matthew’s Blog – Working from Home” which is yet another example of old work coming in handy. After that, David would talk about SharePoint, Outlook, Exchange and even some other technologies like Delve. Break for lunch and then a demonstration on Teams, Skype for Business, StaffHub and Planner by me. Of course, throughout all this we would take any questions they had too. It was a lot to fit in.

When it came to Wednesday, I did start off nervous but it wore off as I went on. The first presentation seemed to go well and it wasn’t only our client learning from David’s part, I was too. Our client very kindly bought us some lunch and it gave me a chance to get to know them, it was nice to talk with them without any sort of work involved. As planned, I went to perform the demonstration but of course, technology got in the way. Although we had tested the connectivity between my tablet and David’s display adapter beforehand it didn’t work now. Thankfully I could just use David’s tablet and while I wasn’t as organised it still seemed to go down well.

We wrapped up the day by letting them play around with these new tools and helping them with any problems that arose. I also got the chance to help them with some other problems which they had saved up to ask us, although I was a little clueless on some of them and needed David’s input I was happy that I managed to solve a couple independently.

The next day, I received a thank you email from our client who I’m glad to say were happy with what David and I did for them. It’s really satisfying to be a part of this process and see a happy customer at the end of it. There’s no doubt that I’ve still got a long way to go, but I am quite pleased with how I’ve done so far.

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