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Matthew’s Blog – Phishing and Footprinting

I mentioned that we went to meet a client in Elgin last week, they were interested in getting Vicky to do a free penetration test on their network. I assumed that the work she would do for this would just go over my head but I was glad to find something I was familiar with. Phishing emails. For those who aren’t familiar, it’s basically a scam email claiming that you’ve won money in a competition or some other kind of scenario but in reality, they have some kind of malicious intent. What we were going to do was a bit different than the generic “You’ve won £5000!”, we were going to do a targeted phishing email with our client from Elgin as the target.

First step, create a social profile. Like the foot printing I mentioned last week, this is finding out as much information as you can but this time it’s a human, not a network. People really have no idea just how much information is available through the public domain, including me! We found their name, address, age, date of birth and the same information for their family members too. The part that was most shocking to me was the amount of difficulty and effort required, next to none. You don’t need any kind of advanced hacking knowledge, just bit of free time, the ability to type in someone’s name and use a few search engines. Next step, create the phishing email based on the information we found. Well we haven’t got this far yet, but we have some pretty good ideas.

Later this week, Office 365. We’ve already got another migration to do, this time around I’m going to be more involved with the communication. I’m apprehensive, taking phone calls and writing formally aren’t my specialty but I do want to develop these skills. I had a chance to do so with booking accommodation for my training courses. It’s mainly done online now through holiday price comparison websites, I thought phoning the hotels directly was worth a try but surprisingly it cost even more. We decided on a nice modern hotel with a far more reasonable price and I’m looking forward to it even more.

And to end the week we found ourselves back at the Inverness Kart Raceway, no special occasions this time around, simply just for fun. And it was, more so than last time now I’ve had a bit more experience. The placings were: Me 4th, Airan 3rd, Vicky 2nd and David 1st. Although I wish I had a better placement I still improved my time quite significantly and I enjoyed it which in my opinion is what matters most.

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