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Matthew’s Blog – My Busiest Week Yet!

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This week was most likely the busiest I’ve ever had, especially in terms of travel and variety.

It started at 6:30am on the Monday morning, today we had a visit to one of our clients in Oban. There was no plan set for the day but we definitely wanted to give them a bit more awareness about Office 365. This is to get the staff thinking about some of the problems they currently face and how they can use the technology they’re paying for to solve them. For example, one of the main applications of interest is Microsoft’s To-Do application available on Windows desktops, iOS and Android. It really is just a virtual to-do list but what separates it from the rest is its integration with Outlook, known as tasks and the fact that it’s based in the cloud. Here the problem is someone having countless pieces of paper with these ‘To-Dos’ on them. To-Do can provide a hub for all that information, allowing you to keep track of those tasks that usually would have gone by forgotten. If you think about these kinds of problems on a wider scale and all the facilities Office 365 has to offer, giving someone an awareness of these is an important task.

The day went by, I conducted a short informal presentation to those available but also had a new task to do which I funnily enough recorded in my To-Do list! We also found out that the business was struggling, having a job register, purchase order and contact details all in separate documents of different formats. We have to come up with a solution to this, David suggested SharePoint and with a bit of reading I found that PowerApps may be used too. All of which I’m sure will be discussed in a future blog post.

Later in the was a visit to the Inverness Royal Academy in their new school. They were hosting an event called “Career Journeys”. We spoke with groups of school pupils along with the Army about our day to day tasks, what The Apprentice Store is and how we got into our jobs. Of course, the information varied depending on the interest of the pupils. It seemed IT wasn’t a sector they had really considered which is a shame as there is a lot of potential for people to find a job they enjoy due to the vast amount available. Thank you to the IRA for having us and for the lunch too! It also happened to be my birthday on this day, so on the topic of thanks, thank you David for the cake and birthday card and also to Alex for the card and cookies.

I wrapped up the week by attending a Cyber Strong presentation David was conducting in Skye, this is all about encouraging businesses to try and achieve the Cyber Essentials accreditation and why they should. I learnt a lot by attending and Skye has amazing scenery making it a great day. I now have the task of filling out the Cyber Essentials questionnaire in time for our renewal, wish me luck!

A busy week yet a really good week, lots of work to do which has generated from all this but I’m motivated to do it as I can easily see how it will translate to real life by having the all the exposure I’ve gotten this week.

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