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Matthew’s Blog – Webroot Installs

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I mentioned the anti-virus we will be offering to customers, Webroot, in the last blog post. This week I had two tasks around this, to get it installed on every computer our client has and to standardise our pricing in an Excel spreadsheet so we can give businesses a quote easily.

Our client didn’t have many computers and we didn’t have any information from their old provider about what anti-virus may already be installed. It seemed like the best approach was to remote onto each computer, check for old software, uninstall it and install the new. That’s exactly what I did, I allowed myself half an hour but thanks to Webroot’s small size and speed it wasn’t taking me very long at all. Soon enough all the computers had Webroot on them and I could manage them all from the web console. It’s just as well we did this as it actually detected a piece of adware! The clue is in the name with this one, it displays unwanted adverts and promotions to the user.

In terms of the pricing it was a rough start but I think I now have the fundamentals down. While I think I have gathered all the data necessary, I still need to add further features such as an interface on a separate sheet where the user can select products and obtain prices easily. I also think I’ll use the same format I came up with for Office 365 products. Doing all of this should hopefully tick all the boxes to allow me to achieve my Numeracy core skill. These are modules that you have to complete in an apprenticeship if you haven’t got qualifications at a certain level. I will also be doing my communication core skill but thankfully David thinks that the anti-virus proposal I have written, also mentioned in previous blog posts, should count towards that with a few modifications! It’s always good to find work the coincides with any apprenticeship units.

It was a quiet week with David being out of the office conducting presentations for the Cyber Strong project, if you don’t know what that is read the next blog post as I may be attending one of these presentations. As it was quiet it allowed me to get many of the not time sensitive tasks done such as learning. It was good to catch up on this as it all adds up, it puts me in good stead for next week and as always I’m looking forward to it.

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