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Matthew’s Blog – Working From Home

This week I was working from home, Airan had a week off and David was on a Business trip. The first task I decided to tackle was a presentation comparing a Business Essentials and a Business plan for Office 365. I thought that business essentials only costing £3.80 user/month would mean it wouldn’t have much to offer, I was wrong. I worked on this for the majority of the day but not to completion. The next day I continued to work on it but being overwhelmed with the huge amount on offer within this plan I decided to divert from this and take a trip to the office as I needed to take some photos to complete apprenticeship work on health and safety. I came back, worked on the presentation but, yet again, not to completion.

With the newly taken pictures of fascinating objects such as the office fire extinguisher I completed my Modern Apprenticeship work and started creating plans for going on 2 courses! Yes, the Apprentice Store is very kindly sending me to Glasgow, Edinburgh or Aberdeen to do some IT courses. Just planning this was actually quite exciting, I’ve never travelled and stayed away alone before but I really like the idea of doing so. My work from the presentation came in useful here too. Instead of using Word and the snipping tool I identified that OneNote would be far better suited to it and, although I had never used the software before, I think I was right as I felt I could compile information a lot quicker.

On to the next and final day, I finally completed the presentation on Office 365 plans and started work on  updating our project plan for carrying out a cutover migration. We learn something new with every migration and it’s important to document it for future reference.

Reflecting on my week , I have realised that there are definitely still problems within the way I work at home. Instead of completing one task at a time, I simply got bored and moved on to something else which just complicated things. I have learned from this and now keep track of all my tasks with Microsoft’s To-Do and won’t start something new (with some exceptions) until I’ve ticked my current task’s box. Back to the office next week and Airan will be back too, it’ll be nice to have company again.

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