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Matthew’s Blog – Week 1

First time writing a blog, first time in employment and my first week at The Apprentice Store. That’s what I’ll be writing about today.

Day one – New job

So, day one. I had been in before for 3 days which was basically like a long job interview so I had a rough idea of what to expect but still had no idea just how little I knew about the mystical world of IT. The day was spent firstly introducing me to the job, the kinds of things I would be doing, fire safety, my employment contract that sort of thing.  After that it was time to create an Office 365 account for me and then simply discussing any kind of questions I had. The rest of the days followed the same kind of layout, a brief discussion in the morning, a task or set of work for me do and in depth discussions of any questions I had throughout the day but I’ll tell you about them anyway.

Day two – ADSL and Ethernet day

Fiber, Ethernet, ADSL, DSL, Full duplex, half duplex, leased lines… What does all this even mean??? Well that’s what I spent the whole day getting my head around. Apart from that we had a client come in to discuss the project they were planning. This is where I started to see the link between what I was reading and reality, good for someone like me as I struggle to learn things without knowing why I’m doing so.
Oh and I got my own tablet, more stuff to learn but something to apply knowledge on!

Day three – Cyber Resilience

Typical morning, slightly scary afternoon. Here’s where I started to really see how much of an issue cyber security is but also how much it is ignored and forgotten about by businesses. But have no fear, The Apprentice Store has just the thing for youCyber Essentials! An accreditation your business can achieve so you can sleep at night. Most of this day was about making my tablet/laptop compliant with its standards and learning how businesses can do the same. I found that it was not that difficult so I did the same to my home computer.

Day four – Office 365 Cutover Migration

I didn’t really have any idea of what this was but I’m going to partake in a project based around it. Much like the other days it was all about figuring it out. After a lot of reading I got to see firsthand what it was all about by remoting into some client’s servers. Delved into Exchange and Active Directory whilst putting my brain into information overload for the 4th day in a row.

Day Five – Day off and the Summary

I left my week with a new respect for those who work in IT realising that it is a much deeper field than it seems. Amazed that I have this opportunity to gain exposure to this huge amount of information, how much I’ve learned of it in a short time period but also how much I didn’t know. I also learned to not ask too many questions about some things as that only left me with something else to read about and learn a little more on! All in all, I’m glad I’m off for Easter for my brain to play catch up with another week to look forward next week but that is another blog post!

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