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Social impact recognised in the 2022 Supporters Awards from The Apprentice Store

IT company and social enterprise, The Apprentice Store, based in Inverness, has issued clients with Supporters Awards for the second year running. The Supporters Awards see companies all over the UK, but predominantly in the Highlands, recognised for their ongoing support of the organisation and the value of that support in terms of its social impact.

The Supporters Awards are designed to demonstrate the social impact of choosing IT services from The Apprentice Store and to recognise the contribution of those businesses who continue to support the organisation in its mission to create sustainable employment for young people in IT in the Highlands.

In total, 92 businesses have been given an award, including one platinum award given to Cairn Consulting for the second consecutive year. There are also three gold awards (ILM Highland; Whale-like-fish; Cru Holdings), nine silver awards (dbsProjects; Communities Housing Trust; Interface; Seaboard Memorial Hall; Connecting Carers; Calman Trust; Safety, Welding, Lifting; Calico UK; North West Marine) and ten bronze awards (Practically Green; Charity Digital Exchange; Jane Goodall Institute; Carlton Clubs; Cairngorm Brewery; Virtual Learning Academy; Lochaber Chamber of Commerce; 2bcreative; Sight Action; Taste of Moray).

Speaking about the Supporters Awards, David Massey, Managing Director and Founder of The Apprentice Store, said: “I am absolutely thrilled to be issuing the 2022 Supporters Awards. In just one year, we are recognising an additional 30 organisations with a platinum, gold, silver or bronze award versus 2021 and, overall, 141 organisations are included in the scheme, up from 99 in 2021. These are all businesses who have chosen The Apprentice Store to provide IT support. By recognising them through the Supporters Awards, we are acknowledging their role in creating sustainable employment for young people.”

The awards are presented to every business that contributes at least one week of an apprentice salary. The awards are structured as follows:

  • Platinum: 100% of salary
  • Gold: 75% of salary
  • Silver: 50% of salary
  • Bronze: 25% of salary
  • 5 Stars: 10% of salary
  • 4 Stars: 8% of salary
  • 3 Stars: 6% of salary
  • 2 Stars: two weeks of salary
  • 1 Star: one week of salary

Ian Moore from Cairn Consulting, recipient of a platinum Supporters Award for a second time, said: “I am so glad to be able to have contributed towards supporting an apprentice. Helping the next generation along, whilst also addressing current challenges and opportunities, makes it a win-win situation. For as long as the services and results continue to justify our decision to work with The Apprentice Store, I will continue to recommend David and the team and consider them at every possible opportunity.”

The Apprentice Store’s growing client list is being serviced by a bigger team at the social enterprise which now employs 11 members of staff.