Cyber Essentials is the UK Government backed cyber security scheme which is assessed annually by accredited certifying bodies and sets out a good baseline of cyber security relevant to all organisations. Cyber Essentials is available at two levels, Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus with both standards completed through a questionnaire verified by a certifying body.

Cyber Essentials addresses five key controls which, when implemented correctly, can reduce the risks of around 80% of the common and least sophisticated cyber threats. Cyber Essentials will allow you to focus on your core business knowing that you are protected from common security threats.

The five controls are:

  • Boundary firewalls [to prevent unauthorised access]
  • Secure configuration [setting up systems securely]
  • User Access control [restricting access to those who need it]
  • Malware protection [i.e. using anti-virus software]
  • Patch management [i.e. updating software]

By achieving Cyber Essentials you can display the appropriate badge on all your communications, showing a commitment to your customers and suppliers that you take the cyber threat and the protection of your business, and the information stored by it, seriously.

What we can do for you

The Apprentice Store is a Cyber Essentials accredited organisation and is part of the SBRC Approved Practitioners Scheme which is also endorsed by their core partners in Police Scotland.

By using The Apprentice Store to help you become Cyber Essentials accredited, you can be assured that one of our three Accredited Cyber Essentials Practitioners will guide you through the whole process smoothly with one of our apprentices.

Cyber Essentials should be part of an overall cyber resilience strategy covering things like business continuity, staff awareness training and data handling procedures. We can also assist you in the implementation and management of a regime that continually maintains cyber resilience through our own managed service.