There seems to have been so many cyber attacks recently, or is it just that businesses are talking about their experiences more openly? Cyber attacks have been happening ever since unscrupulous criminals have worked out how to hack into and financially gain from computer systems. Attacks occur far more frequently than people realise, it’s just that victims of attack very often shy away from making it known that they have been affected due to the potential reputational risk. After all, what would your customers think if you can’t keep your, and their, data safe from these cybercriminals, right? Perhaps it’s time we all accepted that this scourge is part of our modern day society and actively do something to prevent them getting away with it.

Being more open about when you have suffered an attack and sharing that information and experience with the Scottish Business Resilience Centre (SBRC) can go some way to assisting the authorities in preventing future attacks of the same type. Extensive advice and guidance, as well as details of any current threats, is available through the SBRC website.

The UK Government has certainly woken up to the situation by introducing guidelines and standards which all businesses should take note of. Cyber Essentials is one government backed programme that you can implement to try and mitigate the risks of conducting business in the modern world. The Scottish Government has recently asked that 177 Scottish public bodies and organisations implement processes to mitigate the risks relating to cyber security by April 2018. Businesses need to be aware of the requirement that the supply chain relating to some public contracts will also have to be accredited. It is not just the UK and Scottish Governments that are looking at cyber resilience, private sector organisations are too with the Cyber Essentials scheme being a critical indicator that is being used.

Has your business reviewed how they could respond to a cyber incident, this does not need to be a hack as hardware failure and data corruption could impact your business operations? Have you reviewed the risks that your business faces with their computer systems in respect to key members of staff, critical systems or suppliers? Can you recover your business systems with acceptable levels of data loss and in an acceptable timeframe?

By working with The Apprentice Store, you can be assured that our apprentices and their mentors will give you guidance and support to implement appropriate controls to become more cyber resilient.