The Apprentice Store Supporters Awards

We have developed our Supporters Awards in 2021 as we wanted to demonstrate to our supporters and clients the social impact from choosing IT services from The Apprentice Store. As a social enterprise, we do not have shareholders with all profit being retained by the business and invested into our social purpose so every little purchase helps pay a salary. We will annually present awards to every business that makes a contribution of at least 1 week of an apprentice salary with the following levels being recognised:

Platinum           100% of salary

Gold                  75% of salary

Silver                 50% of salary

Bronze              25% of salary

5 Stars              10% of salary

4 Stars              8% of salary

3 Stars              6% of salary

2 Stars              2 weeks of salary

1 Star                1 week of salary

Our awards recognise those businesses who directly purchase services from The Apprentice Store alongside those that kindly refer business to us regardless of them being a client. We recognised 62 businesses in 2021, in 2022 we recognised 92 supporters with our 2022 Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze supporters below.

The Apprentice Store would like to thank all Supporters who have referred work or came directly to the business for their IT services.


The Platinum Award is given to the businesses that support 100% of an apprentice’s salary.


The Gold Award is given to the businesses that support 75% of an apprentice’s salary.


The Silver Award is given to the businesses that support 50% of an apprentice’s salary.


The Bronze Award is given to the businesses that support 25% of an apprentice’s salary.