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Day 1 – But it’s a Tuesday

Coming back from the holidays I was still slightly overwhelmed and somewhat worried at the fact that I was going to get exposed to even more information. I’ve really started to realise now that some of these concepts you only really need an awareness of and there will come a point in time where you’ll learn it. Today was like most other days, a lot of reading and learning and a couple client meetings. One of which was about penetration testing, an area that interests me. Turns out it’s not as common as I thought. It’d be rare for us to carry something like this out but it does seem like a good bit of fun.

Day 2 – Discipline

Today I was working from home, sounds pretty good, right? Well that’s what I initially thought until I found myself still working at the task set out at 7pm. Why? I got distracted, I wouldn’t have thought the difference in environment would’ve affected me so much yet it did. I took too long breaks and too much of them. Basically, I procrastinated. Regardless I finished my Office 365 Business Essentials or On-Premises Exchange Server financial and business case by the end of the night but there’s a lesson learnt here.

Day 3 – North Highland Radio

First the news now this! This wasn’t in my job description! I was apprehensive, but it is great to have the chance to do these kinds of things, not only do I develop IT skills but there is a definite element of personal development within this job too. The basic layout here was essentially 5 minutes of talking then a song, 5 minutes of talking then a song… you get the idea. It was interesting to see my nerves calm and my confidence grow after each interval. All in all, I think I did alright and I want to say a big thanks to Lorraine for being a great and host and to North Highland Radio for having us.

Day 4 – Gary The Panda

No not really, his name is Alastair and he can be found at It was the first meeting with a potential mentor for the business today. Interesting to see a whole other side to IT which basically uses a whole other part of your brain!  Had a great discussion about what his company does and the business model of The Apprentice Store further consolidating it in my mind. Looked at a hardware firewall and all its features and had a realisation of “Jeez IT stuff costs a lot” Last thing to do was rearrange the Office a little and switch desks. And finally, the weekend was here.


Another good week, I’m starting to get the grips of things now but with everything I learn comes another thing I don’t. You have to take one step at a time, don’t run before you can walk. Currently I have a lot of steps to take but I’m keen to take them and therefore eager to do yet another week but that’ll have to wait until the next blog post.

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