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Matthew’s Blog – Snail Mail to the Rescue!

The migration took place this week, our client could still access both old email and new email after we changed the mail flow so there was minimal disruption but I still felt the pressure to get things working properly. I had done all the necessary preparations but you never know what sort of problems could arise.

And a problem did arise, I was uploading email data to 365 from their server but found out that their connection couldn’t handle it. After a quick google search I found I could limit the bandwidth the upload command was using, this worked but it worked slowly. It was going to take 3 days at this rate, we’d be quicker posting the data! And that’s actually what we did, our connection was about 20x faster than theirs so it only made sense. Our client very kindly posted it the same day and the USB hard drive was in my hands by the next morning.

From here the process was a little difficult but became easier after a few repetitions, put the data into Microsoft Azure Cloud, create a mapping file which allocated the data to the correct mailbox in 365 and then upload that file which started the import of the data from the cloud into the mailbox.

Slowly but surely, users could now start to see all their mail in the Outlook webmail. The next problem to solve was getting this to work in the desktop app. I distributed the guides that I had written for the last migration but I did get the chance to take my first support call. This was ideal as I already knew the problem and the fix. It was strange remoting in to someone’s computer but overall, I enjoyed knowing that I had helped someone and look forward to the next call.

To finish off the week we went to the Culloden Academy Employability Morning. This was another strange experience as it doesn’t feel so long ago that I was in school. We got to speak to more people than expected and I hope that we showed that IT is actually a great sector to work in and made some of them consider it as a career. Thanks to Culloden Academy for having is, it was a great learning experience for me and I hope it was for the students too.

I think that all the emails, phone calls and even meetings such as the Employability morning this week have made good improvements in my communication. I seem to be more comfortable and confident in these situations which is great as I was slightly nervous and apprehensive initially. Practice makes perfect and that seems to go for this too. I seem to improve every time I repeat these things and even these blogs! But you can be judge of that.

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