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Work Smarter, Not Harder – Office Automation

Mundane, repetitive jobs are not everyone’s favourite task but sometimes they are necessary to ensure the smooth running of your business. However, these kinds of jobs can not only sap motivation from your staff  they can also use up valuable time that could be better spent on growing your business as a recent client of ours knew only too well.

Our client was entering the same data in to two different systems in order to gain just one report at the end of it. That was before they asked The Apprentice Store to help.

We took his existing data processing and, using Microsoft Office scripting,  simplified it into an automated process which provided massive efficiencies for the client’s business. This was achieved by reducing a task that was completed weekly and needed high levels of accuracy to the simple saving of a file.

Guided by David Massey, Matthew and Airon worked together in identifying the existing repetitive process ready for importing into the newly automated business process. Not to mention learning more than a little about the importance of business process architecture along the way!

Result? One very pleased client with time on his hands!

There are many ways in which your business processes can be streamlined by automation. Forget hours and hours of data entry, wouldn’t it be great to have it all done for you at the simple click of a mouse button?

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