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Making the Young Person’s Guarantee

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The Apprentice Store are pleased to announce that they have made the Young Person’s Guarantee having made all 5 commitments:

  1. Inspire young people to gain the skills they need
  2. Break down the barriers young people face
  3. Invest in a skilled workforce
  4. Create jobs and opportunities
  5. Create an inclusive and fair workplace

The Apprentice Store has demonstrated it’s continued commitment to engaging with young people through employability programmes that we support, engagement with Developing the Young Workforce and direct engagement with schools to help young people understand the skills that they need to enter our sector. We have agreed to continue investing our time through supporting programmes in school, offering work experience and careers advice to young people to help in the understanding of what the transition to employment looks like.

The organisation has committed to continue investing in Foundation, Modern and Graduate level Apprenticeships through our engagement with academia and by creating employment for young people at The Apprentice Store. The whole team at The Apprentice Store firmly believes in an inclusive workforce by removing barriers to employment, commit to retaining young people and planning for the future by continuing to develop our workforce as part of our succession planning. The organisation firmly believes that young people need be at the heart of our organisation in order to achieve our planned growth. We want to create sustainable employment for young people across Scotland by allowing small businesses to engage with Modern Apprenticeships when their need is neither full time or long term.

The Young Person’s Guarantee is a joint commitment to provide opportunities for all 16-24 year olds in Scotland through jobs, apprenticeships, further and higher education, training programmes and volunteering.

We are delighted to announce The Apprentice Store have made the commitment to the Young Person’s Guarantee. As an organisation, we believe that investing in young people is an investment in a successful long term future for our business. The Young Person’s Guarantee demonstrates our continued commitment to connecting with young people.

David Massey, Managing Director

Our team of 12 today operates with an average age of 28.2 but whilst we are a young team, we do have many years of experience in the services that we offer and we work together to succeed. Our inclusive working ethos supports and values the development of every team member, regardless of age or experience. We care about delivering a quality IT service to our clients from Inverness and we look forward to supporting more clients and employing more young people.