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The Apprentice Store’s services cover Web Development, Cyber Security, IT Support, and IT Consultancy will all delivered by our caring team. Based in Inverness in the Scottish Highlands, we have successfully delivered a number of projects for clients across all business sizes and sectors with the number of projects continuing to grow as new businesses try our responsive service.

We offer competitive rates for businesses IT services for either project or regular IT support. We not only care about your IT, we also care about the development of young people entering the IT sector across the Highlands and Islands. The Apprentice Store’s services are all provided by our team of young people and experienced mentors who all believe in our ethos.

Our apprentices and mentors work with our clients to provide unrivalled IT support and customer service; whether they have an ongoing issue they’re struggling to resolve, want to protect against cyber security threats, need IT support, want to update your existing website, or create an entirely new online presence.

What makes us different is that we are a social enterprise, educating and supporting young people to create a vibrant IT economy within the Highlands and Islands. Through working with The Apprentice Store, our clients can rest-assured they will receive a high-quality service while supporting the career development of young talent in the region.

As a social enterprise, we do not have shareholders, allowing all of our profits to be invested back into our young people. We are a Living Wage Employer, have made the Scottish Business Pledge, and have been recognised by the Highland Business Awards and Skills Development Scotland for our commitment to developing young people. We annually provide hundreds of hours of employability guidance, careers advice, and work experience to help both employers and young people align and be prepared for employment.

The Apprentice Store Team

Headshot of David Massey

David Massey

Team Bio 16/05/2016
Managing Director
Matthew Dickinson

Matthew Dickinson

Team Bio 09/04/2017
Cloud Support Specialist
Headshot Nicole Macdonald

Nicole Macdonald

Team Bio 16/05/2018
Cyber Security Specialist
Headshot of Vicky Robinson

Vicky Cryle

Team Bio 26/09/2018
Cyber Security Specialist

Lucy Bonnieblyth Wagtail

Team Bio 01/02/2020
Anti Stress Specialist

Janis Sinders

Team Bio 10/02/2020
IT Support Apprentice

Declan Ramsey

Team Bio 08/09/2020
Operations Manager

Michael Hendry

Team Bio 23/09/2020
Web Development Apprentice
Ryan Mckenna

Ryan Mckenna

Team Bio 08/02/2021
Web Development Apprentice
Dave Cawthorn

Dave Cawthorn

Team Bio 03/05/2021
Office 365 and Power Platform Mentor
Donald Buchanan

Donald Buchanan

Team Bio 10/05/2021
Finance and Admin Assistant

Laura Kirk

Team Bio 25/06/2021
Digital Marketing Apprentice