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Capture, Share, Organise with OneNote

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Ryan Mckenna, one of our Web Development Specialists, discusses how OneNote has been a game changer for him.

So, let’s talk about an amazing tool available through Microsoft 365 called OneNote.  

As a developer with Dyslexia, finding tools that help me stay organised and on top of things is crucial and, from my own experience, OneNote has been a game changer for me both personally and professionally.  

First of all, what is OneNote? Think of it as your digital infinite notebook with separate pages and sections all neatly organised in one place: your computer, mobile phone, tablet – wherever you need it and for someone like me who struggles with traditional methods of note taking OneNote’s flexibility is a real-life saver.  

Here are a few reasons why I like OneNote so much:  

Taking notes is easy:  

With OneNote I can write down ideas, sketch diagrams and modules of information and even record audio notes to go with the information I’m writing down to help me in the future. The best thing for me is I don’t need to worry about my handwriting as its all digitised text. We can all relate to looking back at a note taken six months in the past and wondering what on earth it says . With OneNote that isn’t an issue as everything is digitised.  

Keeping things organised:  

One of my biggest challenges is keeping all my notes and thoughts organised. With OneNote I can create different notebooks for different projects and topics etc. Within those Notebooks I can have an infinite number of pages and sections to store information, it’s like having a personal filing system. While OneNote keeps things organised it also allows you to access all your notes at any time instead of needing to wait until you’re home to refer to written notebooks with OneNote you have instant access.  

Collaboration is super easy!  

As a developer I often work closely with colleagues on projects using OneNote. It enables the team to collaborate in real time on the same notes which is a huge time saver on those larger projects. For me, it provides peace  of mind knowing my colleagues have access to all my information allowing them to progress their jobs quicker, saving time and  resources. Your notebooks can also be integrated directly into Microsoft Teams which allows for even faster, more focused collaboration in your teams. 


Due to the amazing, collaborative nature of Microsoft 365 your notes are easily accessible on your laptop, mobile or tablet allowing you to refer to your notes wherever you are. It’s a game changer for those always on the go and needing that extra tool to give them the edge. 


As I personally grow in my career, OneNote grows with me, whether I’m working on a small project or a large one with extensive team collaboration, OneNote adapts to my needs and helps me stay organised along the way.  

Visual Organisation:  

OneNote has the ability to incorporate images, drawings and even handwritten notes (for those with good enough handwriting) which allows for a whole new level of flexibility to note taking. As a visual thinker and learner, being able to insert screenshots directly into my notes helps me communicate more efficiently with my team and future me. This just adds another layer of the things OneNote can bring to the table.  

Personalisation Options:  

OneNote is highly customisable to suit my individual preferences and workflows depending on how I want to work. From choosing different fonts and colours to creating custom tags and templates, I can tailor my OneNote experience exactly how I want to.  This level or personalisation not only makes OneNote more enjoyable to use but it also boosts productivity by allowing me to work in a way that feels natural and intuitive for me.  

In conclusion, Microsoft OneNote is an invaluable tool for those who need that added flexibility or just need an easy-to-use note taking software. It helps me and the team stay on top of our notes and collaboration and doing what really matters – building amazing systems for our clients and it can help your teams too.  

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Wrtten by Ryan Mckenna, Web Development Specialist, The Apprentice Store

11th March 2024