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Enhanced WordPress Hosting

£39.10£430.00 ex VAT


The Apprentice Store know how important it is to have your website online 24 hours a day and operating at optimum performance and security. Our Enhanced WordPress managed service includes the web hosting space itself which is needed to serve your website but our hosting is specifically designed to host WordPress and offers:

  • Generous bandwidth and storage allowance.
  • Access to a global CDN to ensure that local servers serve the static data for optimum performance.
  • Security features from CloudFlare to ensure top security of your website at all times.
  • WordPress Maintenance driven by AI technology to keep the website updated on a daily basis with this covering WordPress Core, Themes and Plugins where 3rd party licensing is not preventing it.
  • Our time to address basic issues with the site due to updates through manual intervention.
  • Daily backup of the website with 30 day retention.

We believe that whilst there is cheaper WordPress hosting, our service offers great value for money as many of the features we include as standard are additional services under other support agreements that could cost 4-5 times our service fee.