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Health Check

£160.00£1,300.00 ex VAT


To ensure that a company’s network is stable and reliable, it is essential to conduct an internal IT health check. The Apprentice Store recognises that many businesses operate without an internal IT team so need to have these carried out by an external supplier. Our IT health check is not designed to sell our services but to allow organisations to get an impartial view of their IT service delivery strategy.

The Health Check can be purchased at a level to meet the size and needs of the organisation.


This level of service is appropriate for organisations that operate with less than 10 computers.

  • Basic hardware review maximum of 5 computers.
  • Basic data backup strategy review.
  • Basic security audit (firewall/router, anti-virus software and patch management).
  • Microsoft Office 365 license review, if used.
  • Report of the findings with recommendations.

We do offer the Base health check free of charge to organisations of any size but the report will come with pricing for our services.


This level of service is appropriate for organisations that want to identify security and data protection issues within their IT services and typically operate with less than 30 computers.

  • All the features of Basic.
  • Cyber Essentials gap analysis.
  • Data recovery strategy review.


This level of service is appropriate for organisations that want to support a change in their IT systems demands due to planned changes in the business or who have not reviewed their IT systems for a few years.

  • All the features of Intermediate.
  • IT system strategy review.

If you require something that is not available in our standard health check packages then please contact us to discuss your requirements and we can design a health check to meet your business requirements. Our health checks are confidential with your report offering detailed information about your IT systems and as they are not offering our own services then you can choose to implement the changes with your current supplier or request a quotation from us to implement any recommendations.